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Using the right protectants and cleaners are crucial when taking care of the vinyl on your boat.  

Using the proper protectants can shield vinyl from UV rays and create a barrier to prevent stains from being absorbed into the vinyl. Never use wax as a protectant because it can cause the vinyl to become brittle. One of the best products we use here at E-Z Marine is Vantage. Vantage offers exterior and interior protectants. There technology helps against

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Cleaning attempts are 50% less effective for a stain left untreated for 24 hours. Most wet stains, if caught before they set, can be cleaned with just a squirt of a hose or a blot of a rad. The general theory for cleaning vinyl is to start with gentle methods, and if that doesn’t work, progress to more aggressive cleaners and processes. If hosing or blotting doesn’t remove the entire stain, use warm water (never hot) mixed with a little pH neutral soap specially designed for boat vinyl and gently scrub with a medium-bristle brush followed by a clean-water rinse.

Cleaning stubborn stains, like the oath doctors take, the first rule of cleaning stains is to do no harm. Harsh cleaners can permanently discolor and damage vinyl. If there is any doubt about a cleaner, try it first in a hidden area.

Avoid using:


When your boat is not in use, the best way to keep it looking new is to cover it. Even if you have covered storage, critters like spiders can quickly make a mess with their digestive residue. When covering a boat after an outing, make sure all surfaces have been dried thoroughly before installing the cover. 

Posted: May 3, 2023

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