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Boat Trailer Anatomy and Safety

Boat Trailer Anatomy and Safety

Few adventures are as awesome as hitching up the trailer carrying your boat and trailer to your tow vehicle, hitting the road, and heading for some waterways. In any such endeavor, of course, boat trailer safety is a priority, and we're here to help. 

Lets take a look at basic trailer anatomy, and safety considerations. 

Some tips for boat trailer safety.
  1. Always cross the safety chains. In the unlikely event the hitch and trailer become seperated, the crossed chains will support the tongue and keep it from digging into the ashphalt. 
  2. Allow extra braking distance to account for your load.
  3. Take turns wider than usual to avoid clipping the curbs.
  4. Never tow a trailer that's swaying, which can lead to an accident. When you detect and sway pull over and adjust the load. Sway is usually the result of improper tongue weight, which should be ten to fifteen percent of the overall load. Shifting weight forward or aft can often eliminate swaying.
  5. Watch your mirrors. Be aware of other drivers around you, especially when changing lanes or making turns. 
Now that you know some basic trailer anatomy and som safety tips you are sure ready to hit the road and get your boat to the water! 

Posted: Mar 15, 2023

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