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Are you in the market for your first boat? As spring and the warmer weather starts to arrive now is a great time to do your research and stop by to see us so we can help answer questions you may have.  

Here are some tips for first-time boat buyers 

  1. Choose a type of boat - Determine what kind of boat you want and where you'll use the boat. Will you be fishing with  your buddies, cruising with your family, or water skiing down the lake? Narrowing down where you'll be doing most of your boating and what kind of activities you'll be using the boat for can help determine what kind of boat suits your needs. Whether it may be a preformance pontoon, deck boat or a fishing boat. We have them all!
  2. New or Pre-Owned- Decide whether to buy new or pre-owned. When buying new, you'll be working with a dealer like us, who will guide you through the entire process. If you're buying pre-owned from a private seller, you made need to know a bit more about boats so you get a fair deal. Keep in mind we also carry a selection of used boats in our inventory. 
  3. Set your budget - Set a budget to determine how much you can afford. Include the cost of boat, upgrades, options, replacement gear, regristration, insurance, maintenance, and storage. You'll want to consider the total cost of ownership before signing on the line. 
  4. Negotiate rationally- Negotiate from a rational mindset rather than emotion. Do a walkthrough and check comparable values online. Negotiate extras with dealer if you can, but let both parties walk away feeling satisfid or you'll have trouble closing the deal. Be reasonable and rational. There'll be plenty of time to be emotional (jump for joy) once you're out on the water. 
  5. Complete a safety course - Before purchasing your first boat, we encourage you to complete some form of boat safety training. It may not be mandatory, but safety training can allow you to have more fun with less chance of injury. With proper training, you'll always be ready on the water. 
Here at E-Z Marine we strive to make your boat buying whether its your first or third boat as easy and smooth as possible. Not only do we sell boats but we sell the whole boating experience. Boating supplies, parts and service, storage, boat rentals AND dock systems.  
Stop by and check out our vast selection of boats. No  matter your needs and wants we will surely have the one for you! 

Posted: Feb 21, 2023

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