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Tritoon VS. Pontoon

Tritoon VS. Pontoon

If you happen to be thinking "Tritoon vs. pontoon, this seems like a trick question..." - you are correct! A tritoon IS a triple-hull pontoon boat. However, instead of having two large aluminum tubes beneath the deck, a tritoon has a third tube in the center that distributes weight more evenly over the water. This added stability and structure also means the boat can handle more horsepower than a typical twin tube pontoon boat.  The more traditional twin tube pontoon boat has a hull with two aluminum tubes beneath the deck and open space between the two tubes.  


If you’re trying to decide between purchasing a twin tube or tritoon pontoon boat, how and where you plan to use the boat will help you decide which boat will be a better fit.


Many consumers will want a multipurpose boat that can match a variety of lifestyles. If you are only looking for a relaxing cruise on a calm lake, a twin tube pontoon boat may meet all your needs. If you’re looking for a stylish and stable fishing boat, both twin tube and tritoon pontoon boats can be optimally outfitted for anglers of all ages and levels.

If you want to reach more thrilling max speeds, or your time on the water will include pulling skiers or tubers, the choice is pretty clear.  By adding a third tube, a tritoon pontoon boat allows for higher horsepower and dual engines, faster speeds, improved stability, and overall more exciting options for activity on the water.


Anyone who has experienced the difference between a twin tube and a tritoon pontoon boat will tell you that the cost of a pontoon boat is really the only reason you would choose a twin tube over a tritoon. Triple-hull models come with a greater price tag, but along with that comes more stability, a smoother ride, higher cruising speeds when you want them – all underscoring a more enjoyable experience for everyone on board.

If you are looking for a boat to use primarily on very small bodies of water, you may not see the benefit of owning a tritoon pontoon boat. However, in any situation where you might contend with wind, rough water, wake, or if you want increased power, stability and overall performance, the value of the tritoon pontoon boat will quickly outweigh that of the twin tube.

Think of it this way - the third tube gives you better control on the water. Instead of the water being in charge with a twin tube pontoon, the captain is in charge on a tritoon.

For the boater who does a little of everything, a performance tritoon is well worth the investment.



Posted: Oct 14, 2022

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