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Elite Dock Bubbler De-Icing Systems

Elite Dock Bubbler De-Icing Systems

Elite De-Icer vs Competition
E-Z Marine and Storage is a full-service dealer and installer of Elite Dock Bubbler systems.  Give us a call and we'll help you select the right system and professionally install it for you.
During the winter months, ice can destroy your docks, piers, piles, and sea walls. Elite Dock Bubbler systems help prevent dock uplift, as well as pile, bulkhead, and crib damage. From a single waterfront dock to a complete marine facility, there is an energy efficient, dependable and durable bubbler system designed to meet your needs. The Elite Dock Bubbler System features a silent air pump with a weather resistant, aluminum housing that enables better ventilation and easier maintenance.

Elite Dock Bubbler Systems are an all-around, more efficient solution for protecting your dock and your environment. Our system has the following features:

• High density flexible tubing that doesn't crack, lasts longer and can be left in the water year round.
• Our product does not use fans. This means there is no concern for weeds tangling and seizing the motor or causing harm to wildlife.
• Very low noise.
• Clean, oil-free flow air pump.
• More dependable than fan systems.
• Uses less electricity than other systems.
• Optional thermostatic control outlet saves energy and life of the system by allowing it to shut off when temperature reaches a designated level.
• Parts are easily replaceable when needed.
• Easy installation.
• Systems available to protect bulkheads and pilings as well as boats that are left in water year round.
• Optional installation available.
• One year manufacturer warranty on all of our systems!
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Posted: Jan 14, 2022

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